Indiana popo has dropped multiple possession charges against rapper Twista. The musician was arrested back in March en route to a concert in South Haven.

Local authorities have been quick to say that Twista’s arrest, and the arrest of three others found with him, was not based on a profiling of their race or profession in the hip-hop industry. According to The Northwest Indiana Times, though police brought a force of “as many as 45 officers from seven agencies” to intercept Twista and co., the authorities said that decision, “was not triggered by the artists or any specific genre of music, but rather the reports of a fan following involving guns, drugs and gangs.”

How the tip of a rowdy fan following led to a seven-branch task force is left mysterious by the Times’ reporting, as is the circumstances that focused this small army’s attention onto one “fake can” containing a half ounce of bud inside the SUV Twista was riding in. A fake can is by its nature a disguise, so contraband inside it generally wouldn’t come under a police officer’s scrutiny unless they were employing drug-sniffing dogs or being extremely thorough in a hunt for contraband.

Whatever the circumstances of Twista’s arrest, he’s alright now. Maybe he talked his way out of the charges. At one time, back in 1993 when he was known as Tung Twista, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Fastest Rapper. The Chicago Tribune reported that he was “clocked at a record-breaking 598 syllables in 55 seconds,” demolishing the previous record of 529 syllables in 60 seconds.

So, it could be that the Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa collaborator used those fast-talking skills of his to get out from the grip of Johnny Law.

Or it could be that, as reported by the NW Times, the vehicle’s driver Jonnie Euell took responsibility for possession of the weed, and plead guilty to the possession, prompting authorities to drop charges against the one-time world record holder. To see if you’ve got Tung Twista-type chops, see if you can say this article five times fast.