Tech company Whalerock Industries is giving a bunch of celebs their own internet TV channels, among them the Kardashians, Howard Stern, and boy genius Tyler the Creator, according to the New York Times.

The channels will run on mobiles apps and the Internet and consist of both free content and shows you pay for. The Whalerock channels will offer everything from interviews to games, to music videos and exclusive photos, among other programming.

It’s mean to challenge established media outlets like cable and network TV, even YouTube. Tyler told the Times, “We’re trying to cut out the middle man. I’m creating my own network, I’m creating my own MTV, my own Cartoon Network.”

His manager, Christian Clancy, said, “[Tyler] would rather be a guinea pig than spend [his] career rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.”

So, we’ll see. Could be dope. Could be a bunch of guinee pigs crashing into an iceberg. Who knows?