From now on, the term “clubbing” might mean something different. Instead of bottle service and grooving on the dance floor, hitting the club might entail eating cheetos and taking a nap in a booth.

That’s the way things look like they’re headed, now that a bill to legalize marijuana-smoking clubs has passed the Colorado Senate, as reported by the Associated Press. The measure is the first in the nation to allow for cannabis consumption in a club setting. It gives local cities and municipalities the right to permit these clubs.

Of course, it comes with a few catches…

No buying or selling

The club in question can’t actually sell the weed or weed products. You have to bring that yourself.

No booze, no food

The establishment can’t sell any alcohol or food except for light snacks. The alcohol part is pretty expected, even reasonable. But the argument against serving meals seems both arbitrary and harmful to business. How are these establishments supposed to make money if they can’t sell weed, alcohol, or food? Charge an entry fee and expect people to pay for the seating? Those better be some really, really nice chairs.

It’s unclear whether the law even allows for smoking indoors

The bill actually doesn’t say anything about smoking indoors, one way or the other. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is none too happy about that and has even intimated that he would veto the bill unless it adds a stipulation about indoor puffing.

“Smoking is bad for you,” Hickenlooper said. “I’m not sure that’s a great thing to be encouraging.”

But the bill’s sponsors are saying that the governor has kind of missed the point of the bill. Smoking weed does not need any encouragement. It’s already happening everywhere you look in Colorado. The idea is to centralize that smoking in places where people like Hickenlooper won’t be bothered by it.

State Senator Bob Gardner, a Republican sponsor of the bill, said the motivating factor behind the bar was that, “We have a lot of problems throughout this state of people publicly using marijuana.”

His idea is to put them out of sight. “These marijuana membership clubs are so private that they’re more akin to being in your living room than to being in a restaurant,” he said.

Photo by Flickr user Pablo García