Medical marijuana patients in the United Kingdom have a pretty terrible system in place to get their weed, but at least MMJ advocates there are setting goals high. They want free weed for MMJ patients.

Prominent medical experts and crossparty politicians have pushed for a wave of reforms to make free medical cannabis more widely available to the patients who need it, sending letters to the country’s Health Secretary and to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Medical weed was legalized in the U.K. last year, but access to patients has been notoriously stymied by high costs and bureaucratic red tape. If a patient can receive a prescription from the National Health Service (NHS), they will be eligible to receive MMJ at no cost.

However, that’s not easy to get. And without an NHS prescription, legal medical cannabis can run patients up to $1,250 a month.

Experts have asked UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock to remove obstacles that prohibit NHS doctors from writing cannabis prescriptions. Currently, only cannabis specialists can issue weed prescriptions, and even require a countersignature from a senior medical officer. The MMJ advocates would remove this complex procedure and make it so even general practitioners can prescribe medical marijuana without needing to check with their boss, as reported by High Times.

In addition, they would simplify the complex importation regulations which slow down the medical cannabis system. 

Another letter from bipartisan members of Parliament have asked Prime Minister Johnson to make similar reforms. But he might have one or two other things on his mind right now.  

Photo via Flickr user WeedPornDaily