More than 100 British members of Parliament have joined a new political party in an attempt to legalize cannabis in the UK.

The “Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol” group, or CISTA, have stated that if the UK were to legalise cannabis, tax revenue could cut the government’s deficit by over £1.25 billion. Inspired by U.S states like Washington and Colorado, the group has gained traction recently. Election candidates include the co-founder of social networking site “Bebo,” Paul Birch, among others. Bebo was sold to AOL for $850 million in 2008.

Five candidates are now registered to stand at the election this year with the party and help recruit new members.

There are various other parties that support the decriminalisation of cannabis, including the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. The Lib Dems believe that all drugs should be legalized for personal use, and that cannabis should be available on the open market. The Green Party however only supports the decriminalization of marijuana.

In a recent poll, UK citizens wer asked whether or not they would support the legalization of marijuana. 44% of those polled said that they did in fact support it, with another 44% saying that they would oppose. The difference (14%) was undecided. Commissioned by CISTA, the poll paints quite vividly that the citizens of the UK simply can’t make up their fucking minds. Or may have just smoked a little too much before rocking the vote.