Extract blasting has officially gone yuppy. A family of four were taken into custody after an extensive BHO laboratory was found in the basement of their sprawling home (with a pool, of course) in the upscale suburban area of Westford, Massachusetts.

Even the names of those arrested sound posh: Bradley Heath, his wife Diana (both real esate agents), and their two twenty-something children Bradley, Jr. and Linley. Bradley’s girlfriend Lindsey Holston and friend Prachi Joglekar were also arrested. All six now face drug charges, according to WFXT.

The Heaths allegedly ran a pretty significant operation. More than 8 pounds of cannabis and 80 grams of extract were discovered on the scene. The family’s product went on the street as Gold Street Extracts and has at least one hallmark of a successful concentrate business, a catchy Instagram handle: @terpslinger.

You could almost admire a family of Walter White-lights going in on an illegal drug business together, except that they’ve already seemed to have turned on each other. The family’s attorney told NY Daily News that the operation was being run solely by Bradley Heath, Jr. and that the other members of the family are sweet innocents.

Unless bad sense of smell runs in the family, it’s pretty unlikely that Junior’s parents were unaware of a big dank BHO plant in their own home. But even if they did know, the attorney said they were under no obligation to tell the police. “Who would call the police on their kids?” he said.

Junior’s attorney, for his part, said that the younger Bradley Heath was a medical marijuana patient, but unless he’s the sickest dude in the state of Massachusetts, that doesn’t explain his possession of 80 pounds of marijuana too convincingly.