US Marines have been moved to the jungle of VRAE (Valley of the Apurimac and Ene Rivers) in Peru on what’s being described as a “training mission” by practically nobody according to High Times.

Deployed by Peru’s congress on Jan 29th, the first wave consisted of 58 soldiers, arriving to the coca-rich area on February 1st, and another 67 soldiers who joined them two weeks later on the 15th. A final 3,200 Marines are set to arrive in September in this heavy new effort to deal with Shining Path guerrilla fighters and narcotics gangs of the area.

In late November, a security operation team from the Marine Corps went on a 6 week training course in Villa Rica, a location bearing a similar, dense jungle terrain to the VRAE, in order to train Peru’s marines for the operation in VRAE.

In a recent interview with Marine Corps Times, US Southern Command head General John Kelly explained the gangs were using IEDs similar to cells in the Middle East. With the fount of experience US troops have unceremoniously gained over the course of our tired and drawn out conflict in that area of the world, the countries’ governments saw the benefits of joining forces.

But not all those in politics see it as the forming of a great bond. Representative Alberto Adrianzen of Peru feels the decision proves Peru’s goal of forming a special, incestuous relationship with the U.S. before looking to their own means and resources for a solution. And it’s hard to deny him with our nation’s history of total disregard of most all others at all times for all time.