This article is going to enlighten you as to how you can use hydroponics to grow better marijuana. We’re assuming you’re a beginner here, so no prior knowledge needed.

What is Hydroponics?
Before we talk about how you’re going to make hydro weed, we need to enlighten you on what hydroponics is. Essentially, it’s growing plants without soil. You might wonder how this is possible? Well, put simply, the soil that plants grow in isn’t just a place for them to hide; it’s where they get the majority of their nutrients. Hydroponics works on the basis of feeding those nutrients into the water and cutting out the middle man. So hydro weed is grown in water, and it gets its nutrients from there. (Also, you’ll have your hydro weed get a healthy amount of light as you would any other weed.)

Why Use Hydroponics?
Hydroponics cuts out the middle man. It’s clean and effective. There are less risks of getting pests or other diesases on your plant.
Most importantly though, it results in better buds. If you do it right, growing hydro weed means growing weed with explosive growth. It grows faster and to a higher quality than you wold get in soil growing.

Hydroponics For Marijuana
Here is the million dollar question. How do you grow hydro weed?
Most hydroponics systems have the plants sit in a reservoir, with UV lighting above them. See the linked article for a clear picture. Essentially, once you have this set up the plants will grow themselves, so long as you monitor the water to make sure the right conditions are kept. Some of the most important things for you to consider are:
Drain and replace your water every two weeks as a minimum. Your hydro weed empire isn’t going to grow if your plants are sitting in stagnant water and starved of nutrients.
Don’t let the UV lighting actually hit your water. Any water, no matter how pure, has stuff living in it. If you let the light hit the water, then you’ll get algae and other life starting to think it’s the place to be; mold and insects will want to hang out in your reservoir, and guess what they’re going to want to eat? Your plants. If you want a good end product, you don’t want moldy plants to start with.
Keep the Ph. levels right. Too acidic or alkaline and you’ll kill your hydro weed. Keep it balanced at about 5.5-6.2. This is important to monitor, because your nutrients are going to change the make-up of the Ph. quite drastically when you add them, so don’t let the needle swing too far in any one direction.
Keep the water between 65 degrees and eighty degrees at all times. Too cold or too hot, and it’ll be the same as the nutrients and Ph. Balances going wrong. This is something you want to avoid with your hydro weed.

If you stick to your plan and go through the learning curve of hydroponic hydro weed, then you’re going to grow some great plants. The above might seem like a lot of stuff to take into account, but done right, it’s worth the time investment to do it properly. Stay safe, and happy growing.