A proposal for medical marijuana has passed the first test in the state of Utah.

The senate committee voted 3-2 in favor of the new law, Senate Bill 259, which would allow those who suffer from a “debilitating illness” to use medical marijuana. Those suffering from a lesser medical condition would still only be able to use the substance in a gummy or liquid form.

This new proposal would allow the state to distribute marijuana edibles and other related products, distributing only to licensed dispensaries in the area, with all plants used tracked and monitored from the second they are planted to the moment that they are consumed.

Republican Gary Herbert has stated that he believes medical marijuana is a sham, and others have also expressed that SB259 has an uphill struggle ahead in terms of legalization.

Senator Mark B. Madsen, who suffers from chronic back pain, has explained that he went to the state of Colorado so he could legally try cannabis. He attests to its effectiveness, marking the first time that his bill has been proposed in the state of Utah. The next step is to send the bill to the full senate for a vote. With over 23 states having legalized medical marijuana, there could be a high chance of its being brought into place.

Only time will tell whether or not Utah can use marijuana for medical use, while it’s totally cool for state residents to join in polyamorous marital unions and float on water thick with salt. What a topsy turvy kind of world we live in.