The leaders of our industry have seen the future and, from what they’ve seen, the future is so bright you could fire up a dab with it. A couple of prominent cannabis industry folk are proclaiming that concentrates might actually be outselling flower by 2017.

OpenVape CEO Ralph Morgan and prominent weed journalist Ry Prichard turned up on The Cannabist Show last week to talk all things concentrates and ended up looking in their crystal ball at the destiny of the cannabusiness.

Morgan was the first to venture such a bold statement on the gaining prominence of hash oil in the industry, saying, “I see concentrates becoming a part of folk’s daily regimen.”

Prichard (who Rolling Stone has called “the biggest weed nerd in town”) jumped on the bandwagon, citing some estimated statistics. “Most of the clients that I work with have seen their sales go from 20 percent to 30 percent to 40 percent and now they’re about even,” he said, “and a lot of shops, especially on the boutique end of the spectrum, are 70 percent concentrates.”

While the use of dabbing is skyrocketing faster than your brain after that last hit of Big Daddy Purps goo gas, vaporizing is only one segment in the growing popularity of concentrates. Most edibles use concentrates and tinctures to.

Morgan suggested a (perhaps less than realistic) possibility that soon THC and CBD extracts will be like daily vitamins for average everyday people. That might be a little bit of a stretch for the near future as cannabis extracts still have to overcome a couple of big hurdles, both legal and cultural, to become that normalized.

But a perfect storm could make it possible. The DEA might just maybe downgrade weed’s federal status from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug this summer, making it easier for states to legalize and medicalize. Meanwhile, the new generation of stoner pop icons like Action Bronson are taking their dab-happy personas to an international audience, slowly replacing the stoner image of Cheech and Chong smoking a joint with more nuanced cannabis use such as dabbing, edibles, etc.

If all that happens, maybe it will be a dabby future after all.


Photo via Flickr user Andres Rodriguez