Vapes are awesome – discreet, easy to carry, kind of futuristic. But they still got a few kinks to work out. Vaping uses cannabis and vegetable glycerine with flavoring in an e-cigarette format. The problem with this method is getting the oil to combine with the glycerine. Glycerine is a water-soluble substance, which is used in all electronic cigarettes, and it is necessary to stimulate the same feel you get when smoking.

Without any additives, cannabis and glycerine will not mix together and the oil will separate. Vape companies have stated that they have found a great way to get these chemicals to bond together, but when you take a look at the substance they are testing, you’ll find that it is harmful when it comes into contact with your skin. While many think of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, these chemicals are also quite dangerous.

Though some industries are using PG or propylene glycol to make the substances bind, this won’t work very well, because it is a water bonder and not an oil bonder. Even though there is currently a lot of interest in the cannabis vapour market, it has a long way to go  before vapes are as safe and practical as they ought to be.