A man will serve a five year prison sentence in Alabama for possession of medical marijuana purchased legally in Arizona.

Sean Worsley, a veteran suffering PTSD and traumatic brain injury from his tour of Iraq, was recently sentenced. The conviction stems from an incident in 2016. Worsley had purchased medical marijuana legally in Arizona and was taking it with him on his trip to North Carolina when he stopped for gas in Alabama.

Worsley drew the attention of law enforcement because he was, according to the arresting officer, doing air guitar, dancing, and laughing with his wife Eboni. An officer who witnessed his behavior apparently told the Ebonis that their music was too loud and, on smelling cannabis, searched the vehicle and found cannabis flower and some rolling papers.

When told that Alabama does not have legal medical marijuana, Worsley said he didn’t know that. As a result of his injuries, Worsley is reportedly unable to make informed decisions due to his injuries.

What followed over the next several days and years has been a legal nightmare for the Worsleys. Upon finding a small amount of cannabis which was legally purchased, the couple then waited in jail for six days before being released.

Pills were also found in the car and, though these were also legally purchased, Sean and Eboni were told that this constituted a felony, though the charge was eventually dropped. 

From prison, Worsley wrote in a letterthat he feels “like I’m being thrown away by a country I went and served for. I feel like I lost parts of me in Iraq, parts of my spirit and soul that I can’t ever get back.”

Photo via Flickr/Jobs For Felons Hub