We all love smoking weed and we all love video games, so which games go the best with a little cannabis assistance? Here’s a guide to some of the best stoner games.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Franklin’s polychromatic haze, Michael ripping his son’s bong and the meth preferring Trevor makes the perfect combination. With these characters Rockstar has created the most rewarding, enjoyable and outlandish representation of drug use ever actualized in a video game.

Earthbound: The protagonist Ness, well known from the Super Smash Bros; is now on a mission to collect melodies to defeat the evil alien force of Giygas. All the way you fight against enemies and receive points for that. The trippiness lies in the swirling visualizers during the fights and random appearance of zombies.

Psychonauts: Based on a psychedelic concept this game revolves around Raz, a young boy with psychic abilities who can infiltrate minds and kill the demons within them. The execution has been perfect and it has fully realized the game’s potential. This stoner game has received all the acclaim and accolades it deserves.

LSD Dream Emulator: This 1998 playstation game features Hiroko Nishikawa’s detailed dream journal. It is one of those surrealistic video games with pterosaurs attacking, evil eyes watching from walls, and dreams fading  into dreams.

Silent Hill 2: It involves James Sunderland’s pursuit of his deceased wife, and gives shape to the horrifying demons in James’ head. Most righteous and terrifying and surreal of all are the pyramid heads.