A group of rogue police officers from Michigan have waged war on a local medical marijuana community. Marijuana is legal in the state, but some officers have decided to crack down on the state’s legal marijuana businesses regardless. Reports also show that these raids have been going on for quite some time, and that the fear of police retaliation has prevented local residents from reporting this to the head offices until now.

Attorney Michael R. Dezi is representing Hatema Davis and Timothy Davis in a lawsuit against six officers who were in plain clothes and, according to reports, booted down their front door. The officers wore masks and carried assault rifles, terrifying the owners. They confiscated over fifty of their legal plants without a search warrant, making this a seemingly clear-cut case of breaking and entering as well as armed robbery.

According to the Detroit News, the suit alleges that the officers in question have also performed other raids across Detroit, and that the city has allowed an unconstitutional policy to flourish within the police department. In light of these new allegations against Michigan’s finest, the city police chief has dismantled the entire narcotics department and brought in a whole new team in an attempt to stop the raids from reoccurring until new information leads them to find who these bandit police are.

No further raid reports have surfaced since, and it seems as though the legal members of the cannabis business in Detroit are safer for now.