Virginia isn’t exactly the most swinging-est state when it comes to marijuana permissiveness. But what cannabis laws it does pass, it passes enthusiastically. In 2015, it passed a super-narrow medical cannabis bill that made it OK to possess CBD oil, but only for parents with epileptic children. The bill was very conservative, bordering on useless, but it was also passed unanimously, 98-0, by the state’s House of Delegates.

Three years later, just last week, a house bill to blow the doors wide open on CBD oil use in the state also passed unanimously. Now any doctor has the right to recommend the world’s the second-favorite cannabinoid extract to patients for “any diagnosed condition or disease determined by the practitioner to benefit from such use.”

It’s a slippery slope. Next thing you know they’re going to be legalizing crack cociaine. But before Virginia slips into an unstoppable downward spiral of moral decrepitude, let’s look at some of the positives of this measure.

For instance, there’s Tamra Netzel, a mother, teacher, and Virginian, who uses CBD oil to treat her multiple sclerosis. Netzel told WTVR that after years of using prescribed pharamaceuticals to treat her condition, the drugs were causing her liver to fail and her MS symptoms were worsening.

Then a friend hooked her up with some contraband CBD oil. “It’s amazing. It worked like nothing else did, but I couldn’t deal with the fact that I would have to break the law to be able to feel well,” Netzel said.

That’s when Netzel became an advocate for a change in Virginia medical marijuana law. And now she’s got her wish.

Photo via Flickr user NCinDC