Maybe you’re a member of the stoner jet set – cruising from nation to nation on the elevation from a Blue Dream dab or a kush bong rip, scouring the planet for its finest herbs and oils like some kind of even cooler, red-eyed Anthony Bourdain.

If that’s so maybe you want to go to the marijuana camp that only sort of exists in Colorado or Spain apparently. Or maybe you want to go that little hot spot of nuggetry just north of South Korea, a place known for its chill food shortages and empty but still terrifying threats of war, a place called North Korea.

Last week, North Korea had its first ever concert from a Western rock band. The show was arranged by the DPRK government itself and featured industrial avant-garde Solvenian group Laibach, a band known for its totalitarian imagery. The show is reported to have featured images of exploding US bombs and several covers of songs from The Sound of Music.

According to an interview the band gave Rolling Stone, it’s not just an iron curtain that keeps the country so secretive, it’s a shroud of sweet cheeba smoke. “And for those who are into cannabis, North Korea is a very liberal place,” said Laibach member Ivo Saliger, “where possession of cannabis is in fact essentially legal.”

What “essentially legal” means exactly is hard to say. The same interview makes mention of alcohol that could be seen as dangerous, awesome or, most likely of all, not true. “They produce excellent beer,” wrote Salinger. “It is actually considered a soft drink and microbreweries there are popular. You can also drink beer freely from an open container outside on the street and smoke inside hotels and bars without a risk of prison.”

Of course you can drink beer freely from an open container outside without a risk of prison in most countries. You’ll just get a slap on the wrist. This paradoxical thinking was taken a step forward in Salinger’s remarks regarding safety in the capital.

“Pyongyang, with the rest of the country, is also probably the safest place in the world to walk around — if they let you walk around, of course.”

So, if you want to be beholden to a government that could chose not to let you walk around, probably won’t imprison you for an open intoxication violation, and has sort-of kind-of maybe legal weed you could do a lot worse than hitting up the land of the world’s most colorful insane megalomaniac.