It seems yet again, Dave Chappelle was right. Or at least a Miss Cleo-type of medium pre-cog, predicting the future for us, like his Chappelle’s Show Tupac. Stop hitting the table.

Because back on Chappelle’s Show sometime around 2004, Chappelle made a sketch about a new, legal, “non-intoxicating” smoking product called “O’Dweeds.” Like O’Doul’s, but for weed.

And now, amidst the craze of e-cigs and oil vaporizing sweeping across the globe, Dutch company E-njoint has released the first of a new line of products, practically marketed as just that.

The e-joint is by and large the same as an e-cigarette, using Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and 100% biological flavor to produce a nearly smoking experience. But the e-joint differs from other e-cig products as it’s totally devoid of nicotine and tar. The idea is that users will get a taste and aroma like that of cannabis with none of the possibly harmful or psychoactive elements.

Faux-weed products have been a staple of corner stores and gas stations for years, most coming in the form of “supplements” or treats. All claim a great weed flavor or scent and feel but with none of the real side effects. And most are fully bogus. But this is the first time a vaping/smoking product has come with such a claim, and in the heart of the current “post-tobacco” movement.

That’s not to say it’s a wonder drug, or a much of anything yet. Where can vaping non-weed that smells like weed help you in a public situation? Say with cops or security? Why would vaping something that smells and tastes like weed be anything other than just that? Is smoking weed not for the high?

Well, not always. After years, many marijuana users do tend to say the taste and smell, as well as the simple act of smoking is just as much of the experience as the high. And others may want to keep smoking, but find themselves in a pickle. Work, relationships. So these products, while seeming perhaps needless at first, could serve a purpose. Trying to quit for the family, like Chappelle in the above commercial. Trying to quit, period. For health.

Because despite years of fighting from the American Lung Association, Cancer Society and all other health administrations, the evidence is simply not in favor of e-cig vapor being that harmful, or harmful at all.

So really, where the debate lies is unsure. What’s the point of e-dweeds? There can be some. Could you still run into trouble because of the smell? There’s a possibility, yes. Truthfully, like so much else of the marijuana/extraction/smoking/vaporizing world and debate, there is no one answer or way. What is known is that non-intoxicating weed products are on the way. Hell, they’ve already arrived. So take that as you may. ‘Cause one thing’s for sure, they ain’t gonna get you drunk.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user TBEC Review