The state of Washington has decided to make every day opposite day when it comes to weed. In most of the country, while it’s still illegal to mess with recreational cannabis, hemp-derived CBD products have been flooding the shelves.

In Washington, however, it’s the Upside Down. Recreational weed is totally legal, and every mother-loving 21-year-old can head to the shop and pick up a gram of Sour Diesel right now if they want to. Food and beverages containing hemp-derived CBD, on the other hand, have been 86’ed until further notice.

Beginning August 1, the CBD products which have been available everywhere from bars to coffee shops to Walgreens are illegal. CBD-infused products which are sold through regulated recreational and medical cannabis channels are still A-OK under the new law.

Just because they made hemp CBD food illegal doesn’t mean that everyone has stopped selling it. In fact, a lot of people in Washington still don’t even know it’s been made illegal.

That’s why the state’s Department of Agriculture is leading an effort to educate the public on the fact that we’re they’re doing is no longer kosher. Authorities are hoping that once they learn that, the good people of Washington will knock it off.

“That’s always the preferred approach,” Steve Fuller, assistant director of Food Safety and Consumer Services at the Washington State Department of Agriculture, told Leafly. “As processors and distributors learn that this is not legal either federally or within the state, most of them will do the right thing and figure out a way to come into compliance around that.”

Hemp-based CBD products have boomed across the country ever since last year’s Farm Bill made them sort of kind of legal at the federal level. However, the FDA is yet to make a ruling on the safety and legality of the substance, and until they do it’s still not all–the-way legal. That’s why Washington wants to hold of on embracing the new market until the FDA makes their decision.

Photo via Flickr user Vaping360