You want to know a secret? Lil Debbie likes to smoke weed a fuckload. It’s true. For years, only her closest friends knew about her weed habit, which was rumored to consume whole forests of nugs and entire labs of shatter like some kind of tornado in short shorts.

But today, Debbie Cakes came out of the hot-boxed closet with the debut of her new video “Let’s Get High” over at HighTimes. LGH is the first release off the artist’s new EP Home Grown, about to drop on iTunes July 31. If you dig sombrero trap life, stoner girls getting ratchet, and that cool heat mirage effect, then you gonna go shovel your ass halfway to China for this video.

We already feel like we’re on the same wave length as Debbie when she rhymes, “Bubba got me zonin’ till the mornin’. That’s it. I’m high,” but we’re gonna get the lengths of our waves even more synched up by hitting up her show at Las Palmas tonight. Be square, be there, whatever…


Tom Berth
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