The flavor of this Bizarre Bros. Headband 73 is so purely natural and terpy, it’s actually a little hard to believe. But you have to, because every single hit keeps on coming with the sex.

Looking into things, you find that the Bros leave the pure flavor down to the process. No butane. No blasting. No solvent whatsoever. Just a real, hardworked ice wax bubble hash shaken from the underbelly of some of the dankest Headband to come through southern California in the past year.

The 73 micron grain gives it a sandy and light consistency, easy to work with and apply where needed. We dabbed first–mini rig then the big poppa piece as a follow-up–before garnishing a joint, then blunt for desserts.

On the first rig, we noticed the smoothness. The hit was huge, especially for the mini rig, but no coughing or harsh throat burn followed. Onto the bigger rig, we got the full effect of the flavor. So dank. Absolutely more catty than earthy. Powerful scent and taste combine for a jet fuel injection of delicious. With the joint, the flavor came full circle, accented off a great BonannOG flower. And finally, for the blunt, it really didn’t matter anymore, because we were already in love. And ridiculously stoned.

Resident Dabbelier Kevin– AKA Terry Baklava, AKA Bubble– is a big fan. “Shit is so bomb. Melty as fuck and it drips like water.” He’s an ice bubble man, a big fan of the Matt Rize variety, but he says this Bizarre Headband from the Brothers could hold up “against any other mother fucker come to step.”

Glad to hear it. Or rather, smoke it.

A braintaffy of the 73 micron ilk, check out the Headband from Bizarre Brothers for a heavy, heady, “not going anywhere for the rest of the day” kind of high.

Photo via Instagram user @fuckbho