This shatter is a BHO, middle THC potency (about %87) with heavy earthy tones and a hard hit.

To be honest, we were expecting little. Pulled from a home grow of sativa-dominant hybrids concocted by the team themselves, we were expecting the earthy quality to take away from the smoke. Lucky for us, we were dead wrong.

If anything, the earthiness upped the ante, promoting a strong, heady hit. Almost a wave of deepwood peat with hints of fresh rain.

We had it from a 10mg mini rig and the hit packed like a right hook from Pacquiao. After about five, we were ready for a canvas nap.

But to our surprise, where we thought we’d be knocked out, the high kept pulsating. Instead of sleep we caught ourselves in that so familiar place of “caught in a thought and don’t know how I got there. …Or where exactly there is.”

By the end of the journey, we were happily upended by our own preconceptions. Leave it to outdoor grows and beastey pros from socal to teach some eastcoast country boys what the real business is with extracts.

Just has been in the lab for some time now and this is one of his first creations. Looking forward to more, (rumor has it some Sours could be creeping up from the basement).

Till then, we’re gonna have to go Devon Sawa on some more of that Final Destination.