High There! And There and There, Too. For the two months since it’s launch, most most cannabis-related apps, HighThere! was only allowed by iTunes and Google to be downloaded in states with some form of legal marijuana. But the weed dating app has broken this Puritanical precedent by being made globally available, regardless of the marijuana laws present in various countries, states, and provinces. As of today, iPhone and Android users the world over can unite in the joy of online dating for potheads. If they are potheads. And trying to date online.

Or really just meet up and smoke. Because today the app “High There!” went live on both iOs and Android worldwide. The app, described by some as “Tinder for marijuana users” and by others as “something on my phone,” connects users the same way most other dating apps would (i.e. likes, dislikes, similarities, etc.), only their list of what lights your spliff stays closer to the weed-y side of life.

Preferences like smoking or edibles should be noted. What kind of energy levels you hold after partaking is a great one as well. Criteria like these being filled out allow for a pretty specific mixing and matching of stoners. And anything personal you’d like to add along with the questionnaire-types is welcome game.

Now it would seem all the world’s stoners need to do is wait. Because founder Todd Mitchem said after this worldwide launch, he expects upwards of ten thousand users to join the app this week alone. And with 4/20 right around the corner and the Cannabis Cup in Denver, the future is looking green for High There! With maybe a little bit of off-white in there too.