The dream is finally realized: sparkling cannabis flower and terpy concentrates delivered right to your door, totally legally, no matter what city or town you’re in.

It’s a beautiful idea and a total reality for Californians now that their government’s Office of Administrative Law, an agency which gets to just make up rules, made up a new rule. And that rule says that weed is legal to deliver just about anywhere you like inside the state, regardless of municipal or county bans.

This is real good news for stoners in 420-unfriendly lands and also, obviously, for those in the cannabis delivery business. As a result of local bans, only roughly 30 percent of California has legal weed, according to the Desert Sun, which reported this story.

This leaves marijuana no man’s lands all over the state. For example, Indio, a city of 90,000 people, has no legal weed. And small towns in the desert around weed-dry cities like Indio are even more out of luck.

Though ordering a weed delivery across miles of desert to your home is probably not the cheapest way to get your buzz (at least until Amazon starts selling it), you can get that some people are going to try.

But, as is always the case, not everyone is happy. For instance, towns who voted to have the sale of cannabis banned in their city, and then suddenly find out that the state doesn’t really care about their local laws.

“It’s an affront to local control and, basically, what we interpreted as the intent of the voters,” David Gassaway told the Sun. Gassaway is the community development director in Indian Wells, a desert town whose nearest city is Indio.

“It’s more of a local control issue than specifically a marijuana topic, the state slowly creeping into local affairs more and more,” he said.

Ian Stewart, an attorney specializing in cannabis law at the at the Los Angeles firm Wilson Elser, predicts lawsuits and other challenges to the new rule. Local counties and municipalities might even try arresting weed delivery drivers and see if it sticks in court. That’d be a real buzzkill.

Photo via Flickr user Land Rover MENA