There are plenty of high-functioning stoners out there who do pretty much every job known to man. But there are limits to what even the most high-functioning stoner should be trusted with. Like, for instance, nuclear weapons. 

The military disclosed recently that an unspecified amount of cannabis was found at the Minot Air Force Base nuclear missile facility in central North Dakota.

While the announcement reported that the weed was found above ground, away from missile operations, it’s still a worrying sign.

There are at least two things that are interesting about the Minot Base. 1) it oversees 150 Minutemen 3 nuclear missiles, and 2) it has a record of gross negligence toward weaponry.

The Associated Pressreports that the Air Force Base has been “under scrutiny” since 2007, when it’s personnel mistakenly armed a B-52 bomber with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and flew it to Louisiana. Whoops.

In addition to other somewhat run of the mill infractions like failed inspections and sleeping on the job, there’s also the matter of a stolen launch code.

Last year they apparently “lost” an entire container of automatic grenade launcher ammunition when it fell off a vehicle in a Native American reservation. 

The lovable stoner scamps at Minot have been disciplined over the years, including in 2013 and 2018, but apparently to no avail.

If anyone in the world should be kept away from weed, it’s probably these peeps. Unless of course we can get them to star in some kind of Super Troopers-sequel stoner comedy.