Here are some good marijuana growing tips of the trade for soil growers…

  1. First and foremost, Basic instructions to start growing you must have good seeds. The success of your marijuana farm depends to a large extent on the quality of seeds planted. Soak the seeds in a bucket of water overnight before beginning the process of growing. Notice that seeds that are sterile float on the surface while the fertile seeds are below.
  1. Soil: The importance of soil type in your marijuana farm cannot be overemphasized. For indoor planting, the soil must constitute the following:

50% well drained loam

20% High Phosphate Fertilizer

10% Organic Seafood Fertilizer

10% Perlite – added to your potting soil

5% Sand (optional)

5% Organic Mix – roots, bark, etc

Make sure the pH of the soil is between 6- 6.5. Just because the soil is natural doesn’t mean it will work

  1. Light: The truth be said, the best source of light for any plant is the sun. But most a times, you are left with no choice but to grow your marijuana indoor and this leaves you with a light deficiency problem. Marijuana plants require as much light as you can supply them. The sun is the most common means of light, it is likewise less effective. You must have a 400 or 600 watt bulb. This bulb is the optimal size for one square metre of plants (about 25 stands). Also make sure the temperature of the room is at an optimum level of 27 – 300
  1. Fertilizer: It is imperative to note that fertilizer application should take place after about four weeks. Marijuana plants require nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to grow. For early growth stage, the ratio of NPK should be 4:5:3 while a ratio of 3:10:4 for late growth stage is advisable. Misusing them would cause a severe damage to your plants. The above mentioned nutrients play an important role in vegetative growth, flowering, root development and soaring yields.
  1. Ventilation: Ventilation can never be too much for your marijuana plants. Cross ventilation will help keep your plants happy and healthy. Ventilation helps to remove hot air in the room while also preventing the emergence of mold. Ventilation also aids photosynthesis by replacing carbon(II)oxide.
  1. Water: A common mistake many marijuana breeders make is to overwater their plants. Excessive water would kill young marijuana plants. After germination, allow the surface to get brittle. Test the soil for moisture by sticking your fingers and watering thoroughly if required. Also, Water poured should dissolve into the soil properly and shouldn’t remain on the surface for more than 24 hours as this would damage the seedlings.
  1. AND FINALLY, Do Not Harvest Too Early:

This can be difficult and tricky to adhere to. It is worth the wait. You have waited and nurtured for this long. Your plants would gain more weight by waiting too. Postpone harvest until about half of the pistils have turned brown.

The aforementioned tips to Growing Marijuana will be very helpful to any marijuana farmer who intends starting up. If you follow up on these principles and remain within certain guidelines, your plants should thrive in your environment, eventually giving back all the love you showered on them.