Between the medical and recreational marijuana industries that are quickly expanding in the United States, there has been a fast rising need for qualified people to get involved. There are shortages of skilled people in many sectors, but the primary need is for chemists.

At the American Chemical Society’s spring conference recently held in Denver, CO, the consensus from the group was that more chemists are needed to help develop safer, better items that contain cannabis. From edibles to oils and extracts, a chemist can help to remove impurities so that a pure product can be distributed.

Marijuana Is Big Business In the US

Colorado was the first state to make recreational marijuana a purchasing reality and that was early in 2014. In just one year, total sales have reached over $700 million, with more than 50% of the sales being for medical marijuana needs. This brought in over $75 million in new tax revenues.

Washington State is seeing similar numbers. By the middle of 2015, about $43 million in new tax revenues are expected. By the end of the 2019 budget cycle, the state is expecting to collect $694 million in total new revenues from taxes, business licenses, and other associated fees.

If you’re a chemist and you need work, take a look at Colorado and Washington for employment. They need your skills. As an extra benefit, you’ll be helping many people find the relief they need from chronic conditions as well.