It’s time again for a spooky cannabis-infused Halloween candy scare. Pretty much every year, bogus warningshave emerged about the dangers of kids picking up weed edibles in their trick-or-treat bags, and 2019 is no different.

The Police Department of Johnstown, Pennsylvania has issued a fright to parents. In a Facebook post, the department urged “parents to be ever vigilant in checking their children’s candy before allowing them to consume those treats. Drug laced edibles are package[d] like regular candy and may be hard to distinguish from the real candy.”

The impetus for the warning was a stash of THC-filled Nerds Ropes authorities discovered during a search warrant.

While the post was probably well-intentioned, it’s important to note that there is no indication the owners of this candy contraband were planning on issuing it to children, particularly without charging them.

In addition, though the packaging of the druggy Nerd Ropes in question do resemble the genuine article, they actually bear clear labels informing consumers of their cannabis content. One such label says, “400 mg THC per rope,” and another reads, “for medical use only.”

Somewhat defeating the purpose of the Johnstown PD’s warning, the label also explicitly says to “keep out of reach of children and animals.”

Given that the purpose of the candy is clearly not to fool kids into accidentally dosing themselves on THC, the post from the police is more likely to make parents freak out over nothing than it is to actually prevent their kids from using cannabis.