For what was once a hippy-dippy pastime, the cannabis industry creates a lot of waste. Part of the challenge is that many states require individual packages for doses of edibles, spliffs, and even flower and concentrate.

So, are some hippy dippy cannabis businesspeople going to come up with a solution so we don’t have to feel guilty about destroying the Earth every time we buy a gram? Some already have, and it might be the most ingenious solution imaginable. One sustainability-focused company wants to package marijuana with marijuana.

That would be the Denver-based Sana Packaging. They’ve actually come on our radar before for offering eco-friendly cannabis packaging repurposed from plastics which have collected in the ocean.

And in Sana’s bag of environmentally sustainable tricks, you can also find hemp-based packaging. According to the company website, Sana “designs and develops differentiated, sustainable, and compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry using 100% plant-based hemp plastic and 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.”

So why don’t more companies offer 100% plant-based hemp plastic? Because it’s ‘spensive, bro.

As Leafly News reports, though hemp production was legalized at the end of last year there still isn’t enough of it around to create an inexpensive supply chain.

Sana co-founder and CEO Ron Basak-Smith commented on the price while saying that basically, if you want sustainable packaging, then you got to put your money where your doobey goes.

What is sustainable? What really is incorporated in the cost of something? People always separate environmental issues and social issues, and we try to see those very much together,” Basak-Smith told Leafly. “Everything is interconnected and what we really need to accomplish is a new framework … That’s just not easy and it’s not going to happen overnight.”