Well, why not? There’s enough eccentric stoned billionaires out there that you would think somebody else would have thought of it by now. Like, maybe that one billionaire asshole who likes space and kind of likes weed?

But no–space is still mostly virgin territory for Maryjane. For now. But a couple of well-funded jokers are trying to fix that. Forbes reports that the bioengineering company Space Tango is plotting a scheme to see what happens when you cultivate dank in the great unknown, along with their cohorts and collaborators, the ag-tech company Atalo Holdings and the CBD online retailer Anavii Market.

The pot is set to pop off in February 2019. But what exactly is supposed to happen once it gets there?

“When we send plants to the International Space Station, we eliminate one core, constant force, to which plants are well-adapted — gravity,” said Dr. Joe Chappell, part of Space Tango’s crack Science Advisory Team who has worked on previous ISS experiments.

“When plants are ‘stressed,’ they pull from a genetic reservoir to produce compounds that allow them to adapt and survive.”

So he’s saying that weed might do something it’s never done before when it tries to grow in outer space. Like maybe teach us something about the way it grows here on Earth. Or maybe, just maybe, it will meet the Symbiote and unleash a reign of unholy stonedness on the planet?

Anything is possible. But here’s what Dr. Chappell and his buds think is going to happen: it will teach us some shit about how different compounds develop in the gravitational confines of Earth’s atmosphere.

“Understanding how plants react in an environment where the traditional stress of gravity is removed can provide new insights into how adaptations come about and how researchers might take advantage of such changes for the discovery of new characteristics, traits, biomedical applications and efficacy.”

Forbes theorizes that Space Tango is mostly after CBD cultivation, but Chappell does not mention any specific cannabinoid in his interview. They could be working on some hyper-dank in hyperspace. Or maybe even some Venom OG.