Ever think pot could save your life? Well, a new study might prove just that.

A group of researchers from St. George’s University in London have recently discovered that low dosages of THC and CBD, when combined with radiation technology, help kill glioma masses responsible for one of the most aggressive types of brain cancer.

Researches studied the effects of THC and CBD on mice, and reported cells exposed to these were more receptive radiation therapy, shrinking the tumors up to an astounding 90 percent of their original size.

Dr. Wai Liu, a participant in the study, wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post explaining that there was no dramatic effect on tumor growth using radiation alone, but when CBD and THC were administered together, it marginally reduced the tumor progression. He claims that on the final day of the study, the tumor size was significantly smaller in the subjects that received the combination when compared with those who hadn’t.

Though marijuana is still federally illegal, Dr. Liu and many other medical professionals recognize the plant’s medicinal benefits and feel it’s about time that politics catches up with them.

They hope that by performing their studies and releasing their findings, it will encourage those who run the country to take a look at the many uses of cannabis and pass provisions allowing medical professionals to use it more freely.

Teams of researchers are currently conducting more studies on cannabinoids such as THC and the affects they have on various tumor sizes.