Some Canadians are getting fed up with the wastefulness of the country’s cannabis packaging laws. When Canada implemented its new legal system last year, it made the bold choice to make its packaging as boring and cumbersome as possible.

In an effort to curb accidental ovedoses of cannabis, the government put strict regulations on cannabis products, packaging them in identical brown boxes, often with each individual dose in single use plastic container.

That’s why some cannabis retailers in the province of Saskatchewan are putting recycling bins especially for cannabis packaging in their stores.

Falon Rothe, associate manager at the pot shop Tweed in Regina, told Global News that many consumers are unhappy with what they see as excessive packaging.

“Some of the concerns I’ve heard from customers is mostly the footprint that we’re leaving with this packaging,” Rothe said.

Tweed and other local retailers have partnered with TerraCycle, a U.S. based company which says it is “a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste.”

Together they’ve created a program which, according to Global News, “accepts any and all cannabis packaging purchased from a licensed retailer, including tins, joint tubes, plastic caps and flexible plastic bags.”

TerraCycle then collects the packaging and melts it into plastic pellets which are used in materials including playgrounds and park benches.

Saskatchewan is not the first area to take the intiative and make their legal cannabis program even greener. Pot shops in Alberta have also started a recycling program to help combat excessive cannabis waste.

Photo via Flickr user Bill Smith