If the next time you see your Grandpappy Joe, he has a little trouble finding a word or can’t remember whether he had lunch or not, don’t worry: it’s probably not dementia. More like dank-mentia.

You can’t blame Grandpappy Joe for getting stoned. The peer pressure probably just got to him, since all his friends are doing it. The fastest-growing demographic for weed usage in America is the 55-and-over sector, according to CBS This Morning.

The doors are opening to medical and recreational marijuana at just the right time. Opioid abuse in the elderly was found to be in the millions and on the rise in 2012. But cannabis is proving to be a safer alternative for your mama’s mama and papa’s papa. From 2013 to 2014, the number of seniors using cannabis rose nearly 50 percent from 2.8 million to 4.3 million.

Since seniors use over 30 percent of all prescription drugs, the variety of medicine made available to them–especially organic medicine that’s been shown to treat arthritis, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, and even some cancers with limited side effects–is awful critical.

“It’s certainly true that cannabis and THC have a much better safety profile than the opioid drugs… and are less physiologically addicting,” Dr. Igor Grant, who’s conducting a federally funded study on medical marijuana, told CBS. “So they’re safer. That doesn’t mean they’re completely safe. … Nothing is completely safe. There is no panacea here,”

The rise in senior sensimilla smoking is also interested because many may have become well acquainted with Mary Jane during the counter-culture boom of the ‘60s, that generation and their good friend cannabis drifted apart over the decades.

The baby boomers had kids, got good jobs, maybe even voted for Reagan, and slowly forgot about mother herb. Now, as the nation’s citizens and lawmakers warm up to cannabis, and as more age-related illnesses start getting up in senior’s proverbial grill, medicinal marijuana might seem like a way to get through the aging process gracefully while also reconnecting with their hippy-dippy roots.

Grandparent’s Day this year is Sunday, September 11, so maybe you should start looking for the perfect oil rig for granny.