Mexican marijuana used to be the gold standard for pot smokers across the U.S. The border has historically been clogged with a lot of weed moving North from Mexico to it’s neighbor to the north. But now the traffic is starting to move the other way.

Now that a legal market has opened up, gourmet weed is now available and Mexicans are now looking to the USA and Europe to try and get their hands on it. Mexican smokers want OG Kush and Bruce Banner instead of Acapulco Gold and this means that they either have to import it from the states or grow it in secret gardens. The cannabis market is growing in Mexico, even though it is highly illegal. But with legalization in Colorado, Washington, and California, US is now the land of plenty.

So far US pot going south is only anecdotal, but it is more than enough to raise concerns with the International Narcotics Board. The DEA have also stated that cartels are smuggling high end US pot so they can sell it to wealthy customers, even though there is no sign of a huge trade. In Mexico City however, many people have stated that they have seen freezer bags full of pot but they have all been labelled for medical use in LA. In Mexico City people are allowed to carry up to 5 grams of pot for their own personal use, but the sale of pot is strictly banned.

If you were found producing, selling or trafficking drugs south of the border then you could face up to 25 years in prison, which seems harsh. I hope they get US weed in the jails there too.