The First Church of Cannabis’s paperwork was filed in Indiana on Thursday, the very same day that Governor Mike Pence signed the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) into law. The church founder Bill Levin filed the paperwork with the office of the Secretary of State, which would register the church as being a non-profit organisation. The idea is that “cannataerians” who join the church would experience love, good health and understanding.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, correspondent for RTV6 in Indianapolis, stated on his blog that Colorado’s Green Faith Ministries has some hopes that they could expand their work into the state of Indiana. According to Shabazz, the GFM use weed as part of their sacrament. Marijuana is illegal at the minute in the state of Indiana, medically and recreationally. The RFRA act can stop a state government from imposing laws on religious practices in some cases.

According to Levin’s own Facebook page, those who attend the church will be asked for a small donation every single month. This donation is not a considerable amount – just $4.20 a month.