When it comes to the emerging cannabis industry in the U.S., the flyover states have their work cut out for them in competing with West Coast companies. While California, Washington and Oregon extractors didn’t exactly sweep the awards at last weekend’s High Times Michigan Medical Cannabis, their presence was decidedly strong considering that they had to cross over two thousand miles to even compete.

The Moxie empire continued to establish itself, marking its territory in all concentrate categories and taking the hat trick (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) in the Best Hybrid Concentrate category for various products and collaborations. Greenwolf Oregon made another strong showing, placing for both Best Hybrid and Sativa Concentrates.

And, maybe most tellingly, all three companies that placed for Best Booth at the festival were West Coast firms: Washington’s Dabstars, Southern California’s Moxie and Vancouver’s Advanced Nutrients. The best booth award is essentially a popularity contest. It tells who made the biggest impression, the companies that were most talked about. When it comes to that quality, the middle of the country is a little behind its seaside brethren.

What’s the reason for this discrepancy between the Mid-West and the West-West? It could be that the product is actually better in general. A more favorable growing climate combined with more leniency in marijuana law (the entire West Coast is either legal or very, very lenient about its medical permissiveness whereas the Mid-West just has little islands of progressive weed thinking like Michigan in an ocean of state governments that are still behind the times) make it possible for more people to grow and extract, which means there’s greater competition. And competition breeds progress.

But production technique is far from the only important factor for a successful business or Cannabis Cup competition. In order for companies like Moxie and Greenwolf to thrive in their industry, they’ve had to learn to market themselves. This year alone, they’ve had Chalice Fest, Cannabis Cups NorCal and SoCal and other smaller weekly festivals to sharpen their shilling skills. Detroit oil makers just don’t have that same level of competition. But the quality of their hash says that they’re ready to rise to the occasion. Maybe next year will see them meeting that challenge and kicking a little more ass in their home state.

Here’s a complete list of last weekend’s award winners…


1st Place – Zkittlez from 3rd Gen Family with Terphogz with The Union

2nd Place  – Strawberry Banana from Greenwolf Oregon with G.C. Rebellion Farms

3rd Place – Deathwalker OG from Radicle Genetics in collaboration with Lenz and Valerio



1st Place – Strawberry Banana from Mass Genetics

2nd Place – Tropicana from Cannabiotix

3rd Place – Dreamy Jones from Bud White at Interlochen Alternative Health



1st Place – Sunshine #4 by Bhodi Seeds from The Green Room Detroit

2nd Place – Savant’s Grail from 710 Savant

3rd Place – Crown OG from Crown OG with A Detroit Alternative and Moxie 71



1st Place – Feygo Red Pop Live Resin from 710 Savant

2nd Place – Grape Valley Kush Live Resin from PeaceOil

3rd Place – Moxie Goji Live Resin from A Detroit Alternative



1st Place – Clementine Live Resin from Crockett Family Farms

2nd Place – Romulan Grenade’s Live Plant Run from LightSky Farms with NLG

3rd Place – Tangie Live Resin from Greenwolf Oregon and Moxie Genetics



1st Place – Strawberry Banana Lemonade from Greenwolf Oregon and Moxie 710

2nd Place – Strawberry Banana from Loud Pack Extracts Oregon with Moxie Mix

3rd Place – Crown OG from Moxie Genetics with ADA East



1st Place – Goji Rosin from Moxie Seeds & Extracts with ADA East and Foundation Extracts

2nd Place – Moxie Solventless Goji 120-micron from A Detroit Alternative

3rd Place – 73-micron Bruce Banner #3 Freeze Dried Water Hash from Michigan Made Melts in collaboration with Kushmanjockin



1st Place – Perkins Cut Cannatonic from Mota Rebel Genetics

2nd Place – CBDee’s #1B from Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

3rd Place – Super Sonic CBD from Radicle Genetics in collaboration with Valerio



1st Place – CBD Cookies / Cannatonic X / Cannasphere from Kannacare in collaboration with TerpTitan

2nd Place – CBDee’s #1B Live Plant Run from Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

3rd Place – Startonic Sap from Genotype A2 with A2 Wellness


1st Place – Special Fx Labs CBD Dark Chocolate Mint from Jackson County Compassion Center

2nd Place – Cherry Almond Sherbet Delight – CBD Special from ArborSide Delights

3rd Place – CBDee’s Strawberry Lemonade from LightSky Farms with NLG



1st Place – Kief Krispy from Budsuds with R.I. Finest with Kief Krispy

2nd Place – Captain Kirk’s Truffle Tropicales from Captain Kirk Edibles of Ann Arbor Health Collective

3rd Place – Got Milk? from Mindright



1st Place – PBO from PBOHeals.com

2nd Place – Budsuds Purple Chem Topical Soap Bar from Budsuds with R.I. Finest and The Cali Connection

3rd Place – Trûû Hemp Infused Lotion from Mindright


1st Place – Dabstars
2nd Place – Moxie Genetics
3rd Place – Advanced Nutrients


1st Place – MOXIE | Moxie Mix
2nd Place – Raw Papers | HBI
3rd Place – Advanced Nutrients | Advanced Nutrients


1st Place – We Grow Michigan | Joe P x SD Ryno “Devil Duck Bot”
2nd Place – Sacred Expressions | The Collector
3rd Place – Nexus Glass | Tesla V3


1st Place – Puffco | Puffco
2nd Place – VaporZ | VaporZ
3rd Place – Wildbill’s Tobacco | Honey Pen
Photo via Marijuana.com