Sample blunts and resumes have been flying at Waka Flocka Flame since he posted a job opportunity on Instagram seven months ago, reading…

But he has yet to settle on the right stoner for the job. Last week Waka revealed to The Fader exactly what he’s looking for in his full time roller:


  1. Use lots of weed

You can’t let the paper overwhelm the buds. That’s like a sandwich that’s all bread. “A lot of people don’t know, if you don’t put a lot of weed in a blunt, you don’t taste shit,” Waka said. He estimated a good ratio at: “28 grams, you can probably get like seven good blunts.”

  1. Roll the right strains in the right shapes

Waka likes his flowers on the sweet end. His favorite strain of the moment is Bubble Gum Cookies. “It’s so fucking serious. If I had that everyday? Work would never be conducted,” he told Fader.

Then you got to master what he calls the “caveman blunt.” “It’s a little cone swag, like a cone without the cone. Like a little baseball bat.”

  1. Consistency is key

“Ninety five percent of people can’t do that, instead you get little blunts, fat blunts,” Waka says. He still hasn’t found that one special someone who can fit the bill.

“When Gucci Mane first started coming up, he used to have a blunt roller called Lips and Fingers, and he could roll perfect blunts all the time, every time. I can’t wait to find my Lips and Fingers.”

But you also can’t be so consistent that you’re boring…

  1. You got to keep Waka his toes

You have to think fast, spice it up, and anticipate a mood. Says, Waka, “You got to know when I don’t want Backwoods and raw papers—I rotate it.”

  1. ABR: Always be rolling

“You gotta keep ’em rolled at all times. If I have to ask, you’re fired.”

If your fingers aren’t twirling an L, they should be speed dialing a connect at the next tour stop. “You shouldn’t even have to track it down,” he says.

  1. Personality goes a long way

You’re not just rolling blunts. You’re hanging out all day, every day, so you got to be easy to get along with. “You have to be—what’s the guy with the ponytail that never loses in the movies?—Steven Seagal. You have to be serious as Steven Seagal, funny as Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and you’re good.”

The search is still on. And he’s looking for that one in a million. Could you be that one?