Many people talk about marijuana addiction, but what is it and how exactly does it affect you? The NIDA claim that marijuana can be a gateway drug that is both harmful and addictive. The report also goes on to claim that 9% of those who do take marijuana become addicted, with one in six becoming addicted if they smoked it during teenage years. The report also states that 25-50% of those who smokes daily also become addicted. It is worth noting however that these statistics are based on the same criteria that psychologists use to determine and categorise mental illness. Apparently someone who shows more than three signs per year suffers from cannabis dependence.

Marijuana Addiction Diagnosis Categories

According to the report, you only need to meet one of these criteria’s per year in order to be diagnosed as an addict.

Regular Substance Use:

Failure to concentrate or fulfil a major obligation at home, work or school, so basically if you fail a urine test then you are a marijuana addict. Or so the report says.

Regular Substance Use in Physically Hazardous Situations:

So if you fail a urine test after a car crash, even if you smoked pot in the morning with the crash happening at night, you are a marijuana addict.

Substance Related Legal Problems:

If you’re caught with pot and you are arrested, you’re technically an addict.

Continued Use despite Recurrent Social Effects:

If you’re on a bowling team, and someone objects to your pot smoking and you don’t stop, you could be an addict.

As you can see, some of these categories are just exacerbated in an attempt to try and frighten the public against legalizing marijuana. Some of them don’t make sense, and others are clearly blown way out of proportion in attempt to control the pot smoking public from voting in the new law.