A big victory for the normalization of cannabis use was won this week when Denver, Colorado became the first city in the United States of America to pass a law that will allow adults to use marijuana in public areas. The new ordinance passed as a ballot initiative by Denver voters.

“This is absolutely historic and ground-breaking,” Emmett Reistroffer, a marijuana consultant in Denver and major advocate of the law, told the Associated Foreign Press. “We are the first in the United States and potentially the first place in the world to regulate the consumption of cannabis.”

Where exactly does the allow adults to consume cannabis?

The city ordinance will allow businesses such as bars, restaurants, art galleries, entertainment venues, and yoga studios to apply for permits that would allow patrons to bring in their own cannabis and consume it in designated areas. To acquire this permit, businesses would have to first get the backing of a local neighborhood or business group.

Can you smoke in the same place you buy it?

No. Not yet. But it opens the door to that possibility in the future which means, as the good people at Uproxx pointed out, that one day soon you could sit down at a fancy restaurant and get a five course serving of edibles.

Can you drink and smoke in the same place?

Yes. And some people are none too pleased about that. The new law could, “lead to greater impairment than use of either substance alone,” as Rachel O’Bryan, campaign manager for opposition group Protect Denver’s Atmosphere, said in a statement. “It will also allow the public consumption of slow-acting marijuana edibles and highly potent marijuana concentrates,” she said. “How can these businesses possibly monitor patrons for marijuana intoxication?”

When does the ball get rolling?

The law is being implemented for a four year trial period and could be implemented as soon as this January.

Photo via Flickr user Larry Johnson