What is a Dab Mat

Dabbing has definitely redefined the consumption of cannabis, making it smarter, healthier, and way more enjoyable for people that do not fancy smoking a joint that much.

What is dabbing?

Well, it’s the practice of inhaling concentrated and vaporized drugs, typically cannabis oil or resin. According to research digging in the past, it’s said that Americans have been dabbing since the Vietnam conflict. Allegedly, soldiers extracted THC into a liquid concentrate and smoked that, combining it with tobacco. However, dabbing popularity started to mount since 2005. Back then, a man self-appointed Budderking shared with Cannabis Culture magazine his formula to create a marijuana concentrate and a glass device to vaporize it.

From then on, dabbing started to hit the trendy line. Apothecaries and manufacturers repurposed their sales, offering cannabis enthusiasts bongs, dab rigs, dab tools, butane torches, and many other accessories. Dab mats earned their righteous place within the dabbing enthusiast’s kit due to its versatility and convenience.

What is a Dab Mat

A dab mat is a silicone or rubber mat used to clean your glass rigs and dab stones. These are great for securing your glass rig, preventing it from breaking if it falls (God forbid!). Basically, it’s a silicone or rubber-based flat surface that gives you extra security when manipulating your rig and your concentrates. One of the things that makes them so popular is that they are great for cleaning glass dab rigs because they help break up hardened residues.

Another great feature is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. More importantly, we all like uniqueness. So, you can even have your dab mat customized and enjoy your dabbing experience while your favorite character, mandala, or psychedelic alien looks back at you from the mat.

How to Use a Dab Mat

Probably the best feature of dab mats is their versatility. Firstly, you can give it the use you bought it for in the first place: to securely place your dab rig on top of it, place your concentrates while you’re dabbing, or clean your glass rig afterward.
However, thanks to its versatile silicon or rubber body, you can also use it for baking, as a coffee table centerpiece, as a mousepad, as a coaster or a beer mat, or simply as a cool decoration. Pick your thing! There’s no waste when purchasing one of these.

Why You Should Get a Dab Mat

what is a dab mat?

Regardless of the many ways in which you can use your dab mat, let’s focus on its primary objective and the advantages of using it to complement your dabbing experience.

The first and foremost reason is that it will protect your glass dab rig from breaking. And not only will it protect your glass rig but also your table. Kiss goodbye to those annoying scratches.

On top of it, as they are made of silicon or any other heat-resistant materials, you won’t have to worry about frazzling your favorite tablecloth or table runner. Also, dab mats are made of porous material, so they hold wax and other residues firmly into place, preventing messy dabs on the surface. So, no more mess to deal with afterward.

How to Clean Your Dab Mat

If you already purchased (and successfully used your dab mat), now you may be wondering how to clean a dab mat. First of all, don’t just use water. Instead, you should soak the dab pad in soap and water before rinsing it. If you have a very stubborn buildup, you can also soak it in a paste made of baking soda and water. Then, scrub it for a minute and rinse it off with water. Finally, you could mix lemon juice with soapy water to make a scrubber for extra cleansing power.

You may feel the urge to soak everything in alcohol, but keep in mind that alcohol may damage your dab mat, making it easier for this to crack or dry out. Isopropyl is great for cleaning tough spots, though.

How Much Does a Dab Mat Cost?

After reading about the many advantages that investing in a dab mat has, you’re probably wondering how much does it cost and where you can buy those from.

Well, first things first. If you can afford it, we strongly suggest you don’t skim on this. Just think what you would feel like if your dab rig got unstable and trip over your hard surface. Now, that would be a more serious investment.

Anyway, when asking for the price of a dab mat, you’ll probably get that answer everyone hates: it depends. Indeed, you could get a basic dab pad for $10, and then you may find a really cool Super Mario dabbing station for a little over $50. Prices vary from seller to seller, from Amazon to Etsy. What we know for sure is it’s a significant investment you won’t regret making. We don’t!

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