What time is best for smoking weed? It is an age-old question. Some would say it’s first thing in the morning, some go for the traditional 4:20 pm, and others (though not many) say 4:20 am. But what is the answer, god damn it?

Finally someone has put some real scientific thought into it and it turns out that the best time to smoke weed… depends on what state you’re in.

Some smart stoner nerds at the online headshop DankGeek have combed through Twitter references to smoking weed and calculated the average time that stoners like to smoke their weed, state by state.

The numbers vary wildly across state lines. For example, in South Dakota, they start chiefing insanely early, at 7:15 am. But way down in the heart of Texas they most often smoke at around 11:30 at night.

Smoking habits can be pretty disparate even among close neighbors. While South Carolina inhales at 7:50 am, North Carolina doesn’t take a hit until about 7:20 pm.

Overall, most stoners seem to prefer smoking at night, with more than 80% of states waiting until after 4:20 to start partying.

Speaking of the magic number, a couple of states hit the number right on the head. Potheads in both Minnesota and Tennessee like to get their smoke on at exactly 4:20 pm.

To see where your state falls in line, check out the map below:

Photo via Flickr user Clocks for Den