Groups of more than ten people are forboden amid the coronavirus epidemic, and nobody wants to go to the hospital for putting their lips on the wrong joint.

So, there are not going to be any legal 4/20 parties this year, at least not in the physical world. Cyber space, however, is a different story. Event organizers are improvising (and signing up for Zoom) in order to make sure that the festivities don’t end just because can’t nobody leave their house.

As Leafly points out, taking 4/20 into the virtual space is very much in the spirit of the holiday. Waldo Steve, who co-originated the term 420 in the 1970’s, told the publication,  “Back in the 1970s, we did what we needed to do to adapt to the environment—all the drug suppression. We figured out a code to be able to talk amongst ourselves in that environment. Now, it’s no different. We have to adapt, so we adapt.”

Cannabis events have already had to forge ahead with online events in lieu of physical ones. Earlier this month, The High Times Hemp Cup 2020was conducted without any real world get-together, and with the winners crowned over a Facebook Live stream.

April 20 will see a lot more of these virtual celebrations. Some big name events include the HIghstream 420 Festival, a free program from the peeps behind The Emerald Cup. The program will air live on NUGS.TV, with donations to benefit the Drug Policy Alliance, Americans for Safe Access, and Crew Nation, a fund to support workers of live events put out of work by COVD-19.

“Now more than ever we need to come together and bring some positivity to the world,” said Tim Blake, Founder of The Emerald Cup.

Meanwhile, rapper, cannabis business owner, and general weed guy B-Real is also planning a 4/20 livestream with promotional tie-ins to his store’s products.

For those having their own personal socially distanced 4/20 parties, there will also be some new tools to help you celebrate, including the streaming debut of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, and the streaming-only showcase of the weed-focused SPLIFF Film Festival.