As marijuana makes its ascent into legality and the mainstream of the modern day, the rest of the fish in the stream are keeping tabs. From food pairings and bathroom products to almost anything else you could think of, weed is becoming kosher for the masses.

One company not willing to be left in the haze is Colangelo & Partners PR. A public relations firm dealing in wine & spirits, Colangelo represents over twenty different companies around the world, including all wine exports from Spain and South Africa. Recently, some of the minds behind Colangelo decided they too should branch out into pastures greener.

After scouring the globe for all it has to offer in terms of wine and marijuana, Colangelo account executive Paul Yanon and co-winer Ferdinand Pougatch have amassed a comprehensive list of wine and weed pairings. For some reason, despite our own scouring for said list or even where one could either pick it up or see it, smell its musk, even. Anything. But no luck. Our best bet: the pair are too cross-faded to remember where they put it. The firm’s Bugman B. Bugman said only “no comment” upon questioning.

Until we can find it, follow this link for a sampling of the list featured in Oregon’s Willamette Week.