Though cannabis is legal in some form in over half the states of the union, many sections of society haven’t quite caught up to progressive laws. That’s why even in a state where marijuana is recreationally legal and every man and woman of a certain age can legally imbibe, those same people might lose their job on the grounds that the letters T, H and C all made it into their bloodstream. And someone else might earn themselves a parole violation for hitting the same joint they got a legal doctor’s recommendation to toke on.

That’s why even 100% law abiding goodie two shoes citizens might want to fudge their way through a drug test now and then. And if that is the case, then here’s some info that you can feed your mind on while you’re flushing it of all the stuff you’d rather have up there.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Drug Tests?

Knowing more about the different kinds of drug tests out there can prepare you for how best to cheat it if you need to. Blood and urine tests are by far the most common. Both have their own distinct difficulties when it comes to cheating them. With a blood test, you’ll have to actually flush out your system. That requires the use of detox drinks (none of which are full proof, but many are effective). Exercising and drinking a lot of water while detoxing can also help your body flush cannabinoids much faster. The same rules apply to saliva testing.

Urine samples are possible to cheat (as long as no one is watching you) if you have a friend who doesn’t smoke or mind lending you some of their urine. Synthetic urine can also work but be aware that urine tests often test for temperature and creatinine levels in addition to drug content, which can tell your testers if the urine you gave them is fresh or authentic.

A hair follicle test is the most accurate kind of test and also the hardest to fool. I guess you could shave off your hair and get a really convincing wig made from the hair of people who don’t do drugs. You’d get points for trying if nothing else.

How Long Does It Take To Kick Cannabis Out Of The Blood Stream?

Cannaibinoids take between 2 days to 11 weeks to kick out of your system, depending on factors like how frequently you smoke and how fast your metabolism is. A 40 year-old who smokes every day is probably going to need more time to rid their bodies of that sweet sweet THC than a 20 year-old 90 pounder who smokes on the weekends.

If you have a scheduled drug test, give yourself as much time as possible to clean out your system because as much fun as smoking weed is, not going to jail or not losing your job are probably slightly more rad.