On Thursday former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee about a lot of stuff like Trump and Russia and obstruction of justice, something about a dinner in the White House’s Green Room. The writers at Dabs Magazine tried to follow this most crucial story to the future of American democracy and report it to our readers. We honestly did. But this Girl Scout Cookies shatter we just got in the office was a little stronger than we thought and our minds started to wander a little bit…

Green Room… weed room… Russia… Putin… What does Putin think of weed? That’s a legit journalistic question, right? He’s a major world leader and we’re a weed magazine, so let’s do a little investigating and see what’s out there, right? Right. So we dug and found a few things of note…

Putin’s Administration Thinks When You Legalize Weed, “Everyone Becomes A Drug Addict”

That’s what Russia’s Health Ministry’s chief drug specialist Yengeny Bryun said when Washington D.C. legalized recreational cannabis in 2015. “When the authorities take their cue from the sinister interests of the population, what happens is everyone becomes a drug addict,” Bryun said at the time.

The autocratic bureaucrat then walked back this statement to say he didn’t really mean everyone in DC was going to become a drug addict, just that pretty much everyone was going to become a drug addict. “The path from marijuana use does not always lead to hard drugs in 100 percent of the cases,” he said. “But there is a pattern. The use of marijuana is a gateway to more serious drug addiction, and people who have genetic and inherent risk factors will definitely become drug addicts.”

Cannabis is “Decriminalized” In Russia, But You Can Still Go To Prison For It

Possession of cannabis under 6 grams is not a formal crime in Russia, but that doesn’t mean all that much. Carrying under that limit is still considered an “administrative violation of the law,” and sentences rely on super loose guideline tables which give authorities flexibility in sentencing. A report on the country’s drug policy revisions in 2006 said that, “According to this table, a large amount is considered to be, for example, 0.1 g of marijuana.”

Putin Is Accused Of Participating In A Drug Ring

Let them that is without sin cast the first stone. Who wasn’t part of a drug-smuggling ring between their stints as a KGB officer and an authoritarian global menace? President Putin, along with head of Russia’s narcotic agency were implicated in a drug smuggling and money laundering ring back in the 1990s. An ex-KGB officer spilt the beans about the affair two years ago. Surprisingly, the Russian government is yet to launch an investigation into the matter.