Sometimes hotties like to smoke fattie joints. Sometimes fatties smoke hottie dabs. Sometimes fatties are smoking and dabbers are hot. You never know some things. But we do know some other things. These celebrities all have one thing in common: they smoke weed. Also, they’re hot. And they’re celebrities. And they’re probably cooler than you. Oh, and they don’t have the Y chromosome. So, that’s five things. And here’s a list of seven people who share those five things…


I don’t think you’d say anyone caught her smoking weed. It’s actually hard to find a picture of her where she’s not smoking weed. This is not one of those pictures. In this one, she’s getting high with Snoop Dogg. But neither share or look at each other. Tense!



Kristen Stewart

Yeah, she smokes weed in her sweatpants while she wins awards and rakes in dough. Because her life is dope and she does dope shit.


Lil Kim

After a bust at the Notorious B.I.G.’s place wherein authorities found hash and guns, Kim got booked, then skipped out on her court date, because she’s a bad ass. Also, we love that death stare aimed at the police photographer.

Marylin Monroe

This home movie, circa 1958 shows Marilyn puffing on something that might be what they called back in the day a reefer, a doob, an ash trombone, or a nick-nick-stick. No way to know for sure, but the way she’s puffing on it and that goofy smile on her face might lead you to draw the conclusion that this tobaccy is in fact whacky.

And those video distortion colors the shade of the setting sun or most definitely groovy. Don’t know why she would let someone film her smoking weed when that would have been a pretty enormous blow to her career at the time, but we don’t know why she killed herself or was the prettiest lady in the whole world either, so…

Charlize Theron

Man, you see Fury Road? Charlize kicks every ass, takes every name, then chews them up and spits them out like an automatic confetti gun full of name shreds. She also looks better at 40 than most people look their entire life, even if you combined their top five best-looking moments together into one moment of looking really good. And, as if she wasn’t sex enough, here’s a picture of her being green and smoking weed out of an apple while also holding a cigarette. Thanks, paparazzi!


Fiona Apple

Speaking of apples, hehehe… The singer-songwriter was busted in 2012 for weed and was so badass that she was already wearing a fucking pinstripe prison uniform when they took her mugshot. Holy Moses! Now click her “Hot Knife” video, possibly inspired by smoking weed with hot knives, possibly made while high, possibly made with instruments and camera equipment constructed entirely from hemp, but more likely not any of those things.


Miley Cyrus

Did you guys know Miley Cyrus smokes weed?