It seems these days marijuana legalization is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. We’ve seen four states and our capital city legalize recreational usage in the last few years. This follows the current 23 states that provide some form of legal medical weed to their people. On top of that, research and legislature are only ramping up for what almost all comers see as a boom in the wide world of weed.

So the question really is, who’s next? Forbes recently detailed their ideas on the subject, and as such, so too now shall we.


Ohio is currently in the throes of pushing for legislation. With pop singer Nick Lachey on their side, how could they lose?

Well for one, even those vying for legalization seem to be stuck on ultra-lockdown. Responsible Ohio, the leading initiative in the state, has been seen by many to be too restrictive towards the people it’s aiming to help. As well, the upper echelon-types putting money into the movement seem to make others feel as though it’s the forming of a legal cartel, in ways.

But really Ohio faces a struggle in the law. Because regardless of any of the wheeling and dealing going on at the ground level, Reps from Ohio are not weed-crazy. So our hits go out to you, Ohioans, gorde knows you’ll need them.


Voters will decide next year on marijuana in the only state where a legalization initiative has made it to the ballot. If passed, the law will state adults 21 and over can possess up to an ounce at a time, transfer up to an ounce at a time, and grow up to six plants in the privacy of their own home. Public consumption will be a misdemeanor offense with up to a $600 fine.

The Dept. of Taxation will be responsible for dealing with distributors and retailers, and at a fifteen percent tax rate, we’d say they’ll have a lot on their hands. And it’s sticky, too.


Sunny California seems the beacon of weed, blazing a trail for medical use in 1996 and then being beaten back time and time again by the voters that be in the time since while pushing for a full legalization.

Back in 2010, prop. 19 fell four votes short of a majority. Since then, the minds behind legislation have been working to amend the issues of the past. The language, the specificity. All things are being readied for 2016, when the movement’s backbone (ReformCA) feel they’ll be ready to tackle the beast and get on the ballot.

The main stumbling block for the initiative is a strong voice of money behind detractors. As has been seen some in the past, when legislators with money want to get in the way, they can.


But most of all here at Dabs, we see, in the next two years, the total collapse of the free world. A flimsy shiv of society shall crack and come tumbling down, leaving bare the sad reality of second cousins and lizard people controlling the run of the world.

Like hands up our asses or strings from some godly puppeteer, these richies in power will usher in the time of post-post-post modernity, smashing away the impoverished like roaches and laying into the middling middle class like an angry step uncle with a few too many under the hood.

In this dire dystopia, marijuana will be legal and used in great number, seen as great fun for the nouveau chic (as the populace will call themselves) and great sustenance for their minions.

Those with money should invest or save now. For the time is fast approaching. And my bomb shelter can only hold so many.