White House down to puff herb? Not exactly. Pro-cannabis activists held a demonstration outside the president’s home on Saturday, according to The Cannabist.

The idea was to smoke a bunch of weed and fly a giant joint balloon in order to bring awareness to the injustices of current marijuana laws. Adam Eidinger, the rally’s mastermind, said before the event that it would feature “dozens, if not hundreds, engaged in civil disobedience” with the intention of getting arrested, according to a Washington Post article.

Actually, the authorities didn’t seem too troubled by the event. None of the 100-plus attendees to the demonstration were arrested. Two received $25 citations for public consumption, and those were reportedly issued only after one of them accidentally blew smoke in a cop’s face.

The activists were careful to smoke on the D.C.-owned street and not on the federal government-owned sidewalk outside the White House, which would have opened a big legal can of worms for the protestors.

So far, Obama and his administration have failed to respond to DCMJ, the group responsible for the protest sesh. Earlier this month, Eidinger wrote a letter to the president. “As a former cannabis (and current?) user, you know firsthand that cannabis does not belong in the Controlled Substances Act,” Eidinger wrote, then asked the Commander in Chief to meet in a “Bud Summit, where leaders of the cannabis reform movement are invited to the White House to discuss steps you can take to end the failed War on Drugs you inherited as president.”

The only groups who have publicly responded to the rally were other pro-cannabis advocates who didn’t agree with DCMJ’s tactics. “Smoking marijuana outside the president’s house, around tourists and kids, is probably not a good way to get the president to do what you want,” Tom Angell, head of the Marijuana Majority group, told the Washington Post. A spokesperson from the Drug Policy Alliance also spoke out against the rally.

But Eidinger and DCMJ seem undeterred. The group is planning another White House weedy shindig for April 16. The White House Seed Share & Cannabis Summit will ostensibly feature no actual lighting up so as to include even the cannabis advocates who weren’t on board with the smoke-in.

Even if they haven’t seemed to make much headway so far, they still believe it a worthy cause. “Obama — he smokes, maybe not now, but he did smoke,” Eidinger told the Post. “So for him to oversee an enforcement regime that has arrested 5 million people for marijuana . . . I’m very motivated because I think it’s a discriminatory practice.”

Featured photo is poster art from FilmDistrict’s Olympus Has Fallen, not of the April 4 DCMJ smoke sesh rally