Girls know how to smoke weed as well as the guys next to them, but what’s Maryjane do for Mary and Jane that it doesn’t do for Tom and Dave?

Equal Opportunities

More and more people are now representing stoner girls, and this helps to lessen the stereotype associated with pot only being for boys. Weed is now for everyone!

Weed Unlocks the Mind

Plenty of artists have used weed to unlock their creativity, from William Shakespeare to Sarah Silverman and even Willie Nelson. Weed can help you to dream up plays, write poems, create paintings and even songs.  Other weed smoking women include Patti Smith, Roseanne, Susan Sarandon and even Charlize Theron.

Marijuana = Medicine

Marijuana can help to sooth menstrual cramps, bloating and even headaches.

Weed Is Good For Friends

When you smoke weed with other women, you may find that it gives you an experience unlike any other. You may experience bouts of laughing, crazy amounts of food and deep emotional moments.

Feel Good In the World

Weed can help you to feel good, providing you with a heart-opening experience that makes you feel completely at ease with the world at this moment in time.

Perfect Balance

Weed can also help you to balance your work, family, lovers and friends together. Weed can help you to cherish your time more, so turn off your phone, put on your favorite record and drift away with the ones you love the most.

Weed Can Energize You

You will also find that some weed, such as Jack Herer can energize you, so there really is no need for coffee in the morning

Sharing Is Caring

When you smoke weed with a loved one, you may find that smoking the same weed can help you feel connected.

Over Thinking

If you over think things quite a lot, weed can help you to experience clarity on the situation.

Find Your Own Limits

Weed can help you to find a connection to creativity that is not normally available. Fight the resistance, and experience challenges like never before.