If you are reading this post, then there is a high chance that you have a cookie on your PC that says how much you love weed.

A digital ad agency has created a database which with information from over 120 million users, and will use this information to see likely you are to support the movement.

These scores were used to boost the vote for legalization in various states including Florida, Oregon and Alaska. Pro marijuana groups hired Campaign Grid to help them win over the vote.

If you lived in one of the above states and your score on the database indicated that you were in favor of marijuana, then you would have seen ads across the Internet encouraging you to vote in favor of the legalization.

Florida missed out on legalization by a very small amount, but the agency’s tactics seemed to have worked in Alaska and Oregon. Reports state that Campaign Grid has been using these methods on consumers for years, through Facebook and Twitter.

The “Marijuana Cookie” is just one example of Campaign Grid’s work. They also conducted a phone survey in 2014 that asked 12,000 people to answer questions about politics.

While advocates for legalization are excited about the possibilities of the software, others worry that Campaign Grid could be abused for purposes like swinging election results.