These days there are more cannabis competitions in California than you can shake a dabber at. Outside of the Coca-Cola of cups (High Times) and the Red Bull of cups (Chalice Fest), there’s a whole lot of off-brand soda pops. You could make the case that Emerald Cup is the Pepsi of the field. It doesn’t have the big name of High Times or the new kid on the block energy of Chalice, but it’s still kind of a big deal.

21,000 people attended this year’s Emerald Cup in Sonoma earlier this month, which puts it in the same ballpark of attendance as this year’s Chalice and High Times SoCal. Also important is the high-profile showcase of the Emerald Triangle – the birthplace of a whole lot of the strains and culture that are now intertwined with weed culture at large.

But if Emerald Cup is so in step with cannabis culture of today, then why does it only feature solventless wax in competition? The cup judges categories of Ice Water Hash, Dry Sieve, Concentrate CBD, and Rosin – but no butane, CO2, no ethanol, no hexane in THC-heavy wax. Though there might be some legal complications involved (solvent-made dabs are legal to possess or distribute between certified patients and providers, but very, very illegal to manufacture).

But the Emerald Cup’s distaste for solvent-made wax seems to go beyond legal complications. “Not only is BHO or methamphetamine manufacturing illegal but it is an extremely dangerous and highly volatile activity that can result in large explosions, causing extreme bodily injury, death and property damage,” reads a Facebook post by The Emerald Cup, quoting an LA Weekly article.

Though you won’t find any solvent wax in the list, here’s a complete list of this year’s Emerald Cup Winners.